Sons and Daughters

In Psalm 144, David praises God for His strength, deliverance, care and more. He questions what God sees in mankind–why it’s worth God’s time to pay attention to us when we are so small and helpless, but he believes that God DOES care. He asks again (as he’s been doing in several previous Psalms) for God to rescue him from his enemies and from the lies of foreigners. He repeats his praise and then repeats his plea for rescue and deliverance.

I feel this way sometimes — that part of me is crying out in praise to God, able to recognize all that He’s done for me and thankful for the work He’s continuing to do. But that there’s another part of me that looks around and still sees enemies and lies that could devour that same praise, that could shatter everything if God’s mighty power is not put on display each day. I praise Him, but then I cry out for rescue–for the strength to walk forward with Him.

Toward the end of this chapter, David looks ahead–he dreams of the day when all of the enemies will be destroyed and all of the foreigners’ lies silenced:

Then our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace.

My heart is looking forward to a day like that–when future generations will see the revealed glory of God, the rescuing power of God to beat back the lies of the culture and the attacks of the enemies of their souls. I’m praying that God will shatter things that bind up our sons and daughters and rob them of their potential power as His creation–that He will give them a new voice to cry out to Him. I’m praying for the death of things like  thinspiration journals and cutting and pornography and child slavery and bullying and twelve year-olds thinking they need to be sexy to be loved . . .


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