Fanning the Flame

” . . . ’tis the season to be jolly” . . . or so the song says, but what if you’re struggling to feel even remotely happy, let alone jolly? What if you believe (in the deep parts of your soul) that the reason for the season is the birth of God as a baby who would save the world, but that deep part of your soul seems crusted over with fatigue and pain or confusion about life or just the busyness of the media frenzy/commercial sideshow aspect of the Christmas season? There’s only one thing you can do–keep trying. Push aside as much of the distraction as you can. Pray to God, asking (maybe begging) Him to soften your heart and fill you with wonder, awe and reverence. Take time to be alone with God, open the Bible, prepare your heart to receive the truth of the miracle of Christmas. Repent of any of your laziness or apathy that has contributed to the malaise you’re feeling. Repent if you’ve been self-absorbed, and seek someone you can bless out of the abundance you have been given.

Fan the flame of your faith, no matter how it may flicker. You may not find “happiness” if you’re in a grieving season due to loss of a loved one or a job or an expectation of how life would be . . . but you can find joy in the comfort of knowing how much you are loved by God and how much He has given for you.

Blessed Christmas Wishes to All.


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